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Collecting accurate radiation data between Earth and Mars

25 Mar

Give the project its name : BIRDY

Published by Boris

Giving a Name is always a terrible thing! I finally selected BIRDY for "Bleeping Interplanetary Radiations Determination Yo-yo". Indeed, the projet looks to me like a little robotic migratory bird, more and more everyday. We don't know how long this story will last but we know that we have to go as far as possible and, like a migratory bird, to come back to tell the story.

Thanks to the team from the Ecole Centrale Lille, an on-line brainstorming was managed and everybody could bring suggestions for a name. We received no less than 18 relevant suggestions, and an on-line pole could then be held. At the last step the results were the following:
- Mars Escapade and BIRDY got the same number of 5 votes, but another writing "BIRDIE" also got votes
- then RHEMET was in second position (for Radiation Hasards during Earth Mars Earth Trajectories)
- and finally PHARS in third (for Potentially HAsardous Radiation Study).
Among many others, I will keep in memory the sweet suggestion "MACUSA", for MArs CUbeSAt, that refers to a song by Compay Secundo, the famous Cuban singer who died in 2003 and was the leader of the Buena Vista Social Club that I like very much.

Now comes the choice: BIRDY, because it highlights the interplanetary measurement. The mission consists in a flyby of Mars, thanks to a free-return trajectory, thus providing scientists with a new kind of measurements. Later we expect that every planetary mission will bring in piggy-back autonomous low-cost probes like BIRDY to maximize the science return of every launch. Mars Escapade has been the name of the team from Ecole Centrale Lille : it is good they keep the name Mars Escapade for their own team, as they will build BIRDY's STM (Structural and Thermal Model) that must focus on the specific excursion to Mars.

We surely have to also find our logo, motto and symbols! I would suggest a very first one that I will use to communicate about BIRDY thanks to this word cloud from all the names of the past and present actors, students, professionals and sponsors, who brought their thoughts to this newborn project.

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Project Manager

Give the project its name : BIRDY
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Collecting accurate radiation data between Earth and Mars