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Collecting accurate radiation data between Earth and Mars

18 Mar

Our Dream, Our Mission.

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

In 1969, Neil Amstrong and his copilot Buzz Aldrin put an end to decades of apprehension by leaving the first footprints on the moon. Apollo 11 was thus a clear success. Nevertheless, as Tsiolkovski put it : "Mankind will not forever remain on Earth, but in the pursuit of light and space will first timidly emerge from the bounds of the atmosphere, and then advance until he has conquered the whole of circumsolar space". In a few words: the Moon is not the limit. Indeed, our ambition is increasing day after day, with an unquenchable thirst for discovery. A discovery that's becoming more and more rational, and attainable.

To Mars ! Now that the "conquest" of the moon has become a common reality, Mars has adopted that status of a main target. But while robots are operational on its surface, we're still waiting for Human presence on the Red Planet.

In order to ensure the success of such an adventure, it is necessary to conduct an accurate study of the environment on Mars and the environment that separates us from Mars. This is why preparation remains key to have a certain awareness of the obstacles and hazards that humans might encounter.

BIRDY is a great contribution to such an issue. Its main objective is to provide accurate measurements of radiation that exists between our Planet and Mars, thanks to a 3-Unit CubeSat.

Let's battle against common disbelief. It is within our grasp, and now is the time to revolutionize space exploration once again.

Illustration credit : http://www.levif.be/info/actualite/sciences/il-y-a-2-5-milliards-d-annees-la-terre-ressemblait-a-mars/article-4000340764290.htm

Our Dream, Our Mission.
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Collecting accurate radiation data between Earth and Mars